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Reminder: Empty chemical jugs must be in by the end of October.

CleanFARMS partners with ag-retailers and municipalities to collect empty commercial pesticide and fertilizer containers from farmers across the country. Since the program began in 1989, more than 100 million empty containers have been collected.

Farmers drop off their clean empty containers at the nearest collection site at no charge. The program operates each growing season. The containers are then recycled into valuable materials that can be used back on the farm, such as farm drainage tile.

Containers 23 litres and smaller are collected through this program. Containers larger than 23 litres should be returned to the point of sale or to the manufacturer for disposal. Containers used for home and garden care with the words 'Domestic' on their label should be disposed of through an appropriate municipal program.

The empty container recycling program plays an important role in protecting the environment by keeping recyclable materials out of landfills and preventing them from being burned.

Review preparation steps.

View collection sites.

June 26, 2014

Thompsons featured in Canadian Business Executive Magazine

Thompsons Limited is featured in the Canadian Business Executive Magazine.

“Thompsons is prevalent in all commodity markets, whether that is corn, wheat or beans,” explains Betancourt. “If we can participate and add value to products and services in the agriculture space, that’s what we want to do. Thompsons’ goal is to grow that business through long lasting relationships, excellent customer service and great market intelligence.” 

She goes on to note that specialty products were the claim to fame in the old days. “We are making that platform stronger, as well,” Betancourt continues. “Under the new leadership, we are working to be risk management partners with local farmers, validating profit and creating value for them.”

Download the PDF file (2.5 MB)

Canadian Business Executive Magazine Cover Photo


May 9, 2014

Thompsons celebrates 90 years in business

The Ag Mag magazine cover

Thompsons Limited is featured in the spring issue of a Chatham-Kent agriculture and outdoor living magazine called The Ag Mag.

"We're very proud to be part of this great community. In fact, it's the local people who create our success, and the success of the communities in which they live.

This year marks our 90th year in business, which is a huge milestone in any company's history and we want to thank all of our customers, business partners and staff that helped make this possible.

Of course none of this would be possible without the hard work and foresight of a Blenheim man in 1924 named W.G. Thompson, and the succession of two generations who followed. Ninety years is quite an accomplishment."

Dawn Betancourt, President of Thompsons Limited.

Copies of the magazine are available at several locations around Chatham-Kent, and at our branch facilities in Blenheim, Blacks Lane, Coatsworth, Granton, Hensall, Kent Bridge, Mitchell, Norwich, Pain Court, Pontypool and Port Albert.

To view it online, click here.

May 2, 2014

Empty Seed and Pesticide Bag Collection Pilot Program

Thompsons Limited branch facilities in Blenheim, Kent Bridge and Rodney are participating in a pilot program to collect empty seed and pesticide bags.

There is no cost to the farmer and we will accept any brand of empty seed bag.

"This pilot project will build on the solid agricultural stewardship programming that is already in place in Ontario and provide farmers with more options for managing packaging waste on the farm and contributing to long-term goals of keeping agricultural waste out of landfills," said Barry Friesen, general manager of CleanFARMS.

PDF File icon Download the CleanFARMS News Release PDF (300 KB)

  • May to September 2014
  • Empty pesticide bags: multi-walled paper, plastic and aluminum (any brand)

  • Empty seed bags: multi-walled paper and polywoven plastic (any brand) 

Find Thompsons at these farm shows

Canadian Outdoor Farm Show

September 9, 10, 11, 2014
Woodstock, Ontario.

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Thompsons provides quality seed, grain, processing and agricultural services to a number of customers.

We are a supplier of crop inputs, farm services and advanced agronomy solutions to producers and provide localized grain handling facilities.

In addition, we purchase, process, package and ship food type soybeans, edible beans, and commercial grains to domestic and export markets worldwide.

Thompsons contracts with both growers and food processors to match supply and market demand for quality food grade products.


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