Informa: Bean Acres Exceed Corn Acres

By Katie MicikDTN Markets Editor

OMAHA (DTN) — Private analytical firm Informa Economics sees farmers planting more soybean acres than corn acres next year for the first time since 1983.

Based primarily on its survey of producers in December, Informa said farmers are likely to plant 88.8 million acres of soybeans next year and 88 ma of corn. The changes are slight adjustments to group’s prior estimates.

“Informa Economics made a slight reduction to their estimate for corn acres in 2015, from 88.3 million to 88.0 million acres,” DTN analyst Todd Hultman said. “Their estimate of soybean acres increased slightly, from 88.3 million to 88.8 million acres, based on their December survey.” Read more

Tractor planting image

Most significant risk for the agriculture sector in 2015? Demand!

By JP Gervais, Chief Agriculture Economist

Many agricultural economic drivers are currently quite favourable. Oil prices continue to head lower. The Canadian dollar is at the lowest level of the last five years and interest rates have been low for an extended period of time.

Profit margins are significantly higher than average in the livestock sector. Yes, profits are tighter for the grain and oilseed sector, but the market seems to be carving out a bottom.

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