Grain Marketing

Grain Marketing

Thompsons will NOT receive wheat/oats treated with Manipulator.

By contracting any wheat/oats with, or delivering any wheat/oats to a Thompsons facility or any facility operated by Thompsons, you are agreeing to deliver wheat/oats that have NOT been treated with chlormequat chloride (Manipulator or Cycocel).

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Meet the Traders

The Grain Marketing department at Thompsons was established in 1970

Although agriculture has changed dramatically since then, the purpose of the “trading room” has changed very little.
Its purpose is to search both the domestic and export market to find the best value for Ontario produced grain.

Darcy Oliphant
General Manager – Grain, Oilseeds, and Food Products

Darcy joined Thompsons in 1995. Darcy has 20 years experience in all aspects of trading for Thompsons. Darcy has traded and managed both the grain and soybeans for Thompsons. Darcy is now managing the Bean department for Thompsons which includes crush soybeans, IP soybeans, edibles and organics.

Rich Daly
Corn Trader

Rich joined the Thompsons team in August 2013 coming from Lansing Trade Group with the Lansing and Andersons purchase of Thompsons. Rich has 23 years experience in the agriculture industry and 17 years experience specifically in the grain industry in addition to helping producers with risk management for grain.

Jeff Stonehouse
Soybean Trader

Jeff joined the Thompsons team in July 2005 covering the crush soybean deck. In the 9½ years at Thompsons, Jeff’s role has grown to include Thompsons’ bulk Non-GMO program as well as food grade beans in parts of the Southeast Asia market.

Chris Smyth
Corn Trader

Chris started at Thompsons Blenheim branch in 1996 involved in the operations side and then moved onto sales. In 2005, Chris joined the trading room merchandising corn but has also been involved with logistics, and the marketing of oats and barley.

Scott Cottenden
Food Products Manager

Scott joined the Food Products team in 2012. Scott spent 10 years in the trading room, trading crush soys and corn, and started with Thompsons in 1995 in retail working at both the Hensall and Norwich branches. In May 2016, Scott was promoted to Food Products Manager where he will be responsible for all edible and IP bean sales, including IP soybean sales to Japan.

Anne Hyndman
Wheat Trader

Anne joined Thompsons in 1998 as Logistics Coordinator and with 2 years moved into the role of trading wheat. In 2011 she joined Lansing Trade Group where she worked with Ken Whitelaw on the wheat desk until 2013 when the Lansing office joined the Thompsons team. Anne has 16 years of experience in the grain industry and continues to focus on wheat.

Kim Mayer
Food Products Sales & Marketing

Kim has over 10 years of experience with Thompsons in various positions learning different aspects of Food Products and soybean sales for North America, Europe, Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore. Kim also handles white bean culls, splits, and organics.

Heather Moffatt
Grain Originations

Heather has been involved in the commodity markets for over 20 years in various capacities, including trading, merchandising and grain origination with a focus that has, and continues to be, risk management. Heather hopes to use her background in hedging risk – cash, futures and options markets, to enable Thompsons customers to successfully manage their grain marketing exposure.

Neil Moloney
Grain Originations

Neil has been involved in Grain Trading and Logistics for over four years. Before that he had 16 years experience in Animal Feed Production and Distribution.

Kate Meyer
Food Product Sales

Kate joins the Thompsons Food Products team with 9 years of grain industry experience with a large global agricultural company. Kate served in a number of roles including trading, merchandising and most recently grain manager. Those roles took her from Winnipeg to Des Moines and London, Ontario.  Kate will be leveraging her grain background to help grow the Thompsons Dry Bean program.