Our History

Thompsons Limited was founded in 1924 by Wesley G. Thompson of Blenheim, Ontario, Canada.

Initially Thompsons handled a variety of wares from wool and coal to grains and white beans. Over the past 89 years we have expanded to provide a full line of agricultural services for our farmer customers and added 11 elevator and retail locations. Thompsons Branch elevators receive, process, and ship the cash crops of Ontario, Manitoba, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan producers.

We have exported white pea beans to Europe since the late 1930’s and special quality white hilum soybeans since 1975 to Southeast Asia and Europe. The countries of England, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong are our main areas of export. Domestically, we package dry beans and popcorn under the Thompsons label as well as a variety of store brand labels.

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